Sherley St. Fort

Dancing and music means so many things to Sherley. It is a place where she can reflect, express herself, and explore her boundaries. Dancing has always been her passion since early childhood, as she has been dancing since she was in elementary school at St. Jerome's Catholic school in Brooklyn, NY with friend and Zetwal co-founder Linda right beside her. In addition to Haitian Folkloric, Zouk, and Soukous dances, Sherley also has formal training in Modern Dance and several African styles of dance. Sherley attended York College along with Linda, and Sherlly, another Zetwal group member. Sherley says "This group is like a second home to me. We are all so comfortable with each other.  We know each other’s strengths and weakness and because of this awareness, we have matured into young ladies and grown as professional dancers "Les Zetwal!"
Linda Pierre-Louis Elyse

Linda says, "I've always had the desire to dance; dancing brings me so much joy and pleasure." Linda first started dancing at the age of 6. She met Zetwal co-founder Sherley St. Forte at St. Jerome elementary school in Brooklyn, NY and the two created a dance group and have been dancing together ever since. Linda first visited Haiti in 2003 and was even more inspired to represent Haitian folkloric dance, music, and her ancestors. Linda and Sherley have led La Troupe Zetwal to great accomplishments and continue to train and recruit new dancers. In addition to Haitian Folkloric, Zouk, and Soukous, Linda has formal training in Tap Dance, Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Dance.

About the Founders of La Troupe Zetwal
La Troupe Zetwal is a NYC-metro based professional dance group founded in 2001 by Sherley St. Fort and Linda Pierre-Louis Elyse. Zetwal is a multicultural dance group and performs Traditional Haitian Folklore dances with live drumming, Zouk (a French Caribbean social dance) and Soukous (an Angola-based rhythm). The group has performed at cultural events sponsored by US corporations, major fundraising galas, historical commemorations by Haitian associations, Caribbean cultural festivals, private functions, and many other performances in theaters throughout the East Coast. 

One of the many goals of the group is to take these dances to a new level that is unimaginable.  By accomplishing this we will promote awareness of these dances that is not readily seen and thus quell the stereotypes that follow these dances, particulary Traditional Haitian Folklore dances.  We want to keep the Caribbean culture alive through dance.  The troupe strives to be an ambassador of the Haitian culture, expressed in dance, music, and exciting choreography.

Our company offers a variety of different services. Book us for your Next Function for a rich, memorable, and unique cultural experience that you and your guests will always remember (references available).  In addition to performing at various public and private functions, we also offer Dance Lessons to people of many different age groups. We travel to high schools and colleges to give dance lessons and workshops.  Private dance and drum lessons are also offered.

Zetwal is also involved in Community Service Initiatives in the NYC Metro area. We seek to give back to and improve our communities by sharing our gift and raising funds for various charities.  Please visit our Community page to learn more about our upcoming community programs.
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